Offices biggest uniform concern…color fading

As we have been out talking to potential customers, we have been slightly surprised to learn that the main concern has not been price, it has been a concern that the garment will fade quickly. We hear from offices that they will buy a dark blue or black uniform and within a couple of months, the color has faded. This fading,  they say,  makes the garments look old and cheap. We have been surprised that this topic has been the main concern, but not surprised that it is something to account for, and we did!

We are quality hounds, with a great attention to detail.  It took us two years to develop the fabric for the RenWalla line, we tested so many configurations of material.  Our fabric, RenFiber®, has been thoroughly tested for many different qualities, one being fading. RenFiber is fade resistant. The dying process of RenFiber is more expensive, but allows for richer color, longer. Having said that we always suggest treating your garments well in order for them to last, and suggest using Woolite darks on all of your dark clothing to keep them saturated.  But with our fade resistance you will keep the color in your RenWalla garments longer than most.

Just another piece of the RenWalla value equation. fade resistant scrubs